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Massage Therapy

Massage TherapyWayne Chiropractic Health Center in Wayne Pennsylvania is a combination of massage therapy and chiropractic care that strives to help patients heal as quickly as possible and get back to your normal lives. We specialize in treating injuries, including auto accidents, work and sports injuries--all of which can benefit from massage therapy.

Massage Therapy for Auto Accident Injury

Car accidents are quite jarring to your body even with all the safety features. Your body keeps moving until your seatbelt, door or whatever jolts you to a sudden and often painful stop. The most common auto accident injuries include whiplash, back injuries, joint injuries, and other soft tissue injuries. These are all things massage therapy can help with.

At the core of massage is its ability to improve circulation, which is critical for soft tissue injury recovery. Massage can help with pain relief, reduce stiffness, swelling and inflammation, all of which help speed the healing process.

A sometimes overlooked benefit of massage is the emotional aspect. With auto accidents being emotionally jarring as well, massage can help calm you because of how it improves circulation, positively affects your nervous system, and encourages your body to relax.

Massage Therapy for Work Injury

Most work-related injuries are due to overuse and overdoing it, like lots of lifting and other repetitive motions. And now with a lot of desk jobs, sitting all day with poor posture and staying busy with a mouse and keyboard is steadily taking the lead with injuries in the form of neck and back pain, carpal tunnel, and more.

Repetitive motions wear down soft tissue, triggering pain and inflammation. Massage can help by helping relax muscles and reduce inflammation by improving blood. Less tension and inflammation means pain reduction and allows your body to heal. Massage also breaks down scar tissue caused by wear and tear, which means better range of motion, less stiffness, and less pain.

Staying in one position for long periods of time, like at your desk, also puts strain on your body. Since it’s easy to hunch, this puts a constant strain on your back muscles while tightening your front leg muscles due to being bent at 90 degrees. This creates a muscle strength and flexibility imbalance between your front and back muscles, which translates into various forms of back and joint pain.

Massage can help increase flexibility, reduce stiffness, and ease pain out of your neck, back and joints. We can also follow up with ways to help you improve posture and even make your workspace friendlier on your body.

Massage Therapy for Sports Injury

Massage presents similar benefits for sports injuries as it does for work and auto accident injuries, including better circulation, pain reduction, and helping with stiffness, range of motion and more. Massage also helps athletes recover faster and is shown to help protect you from re-injury by helping with circulation and preventing scar tissue.

Even if you don’t have an injury, massage therapy can give you a competitive edge by helping with your flexibility, working trigger points, helping maintain super healthy blood flow, keeping pain and inflammation down, and helping your body relax. This translates into better athletic performance, elevating you to new levels of achievement.

Get Expert Massage Therapy in Wayne

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Scott Rothman offers deep tissue massage, extensive muscle flexibility programs as part of massage therapy. He has deep knowledge in caring for auto accidents, work and sports injuries and has undergone advanced training in physical rehabilitation techniques.

Dr. Rothman strives for excellence through superior patient treatment, education and satisfaction. He’ll take the time to listen to your needs and apply appropriate massage techniques to help your body heal and relax.